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New Procedures

The following is an account of the procedures in place for maintaining social distancing and hygiene and thereby minimising the spread of infection.

The front door will be open (weather permitting) to avoid the need to touch the door handle. Please clean your hands with the sanitiser which will be on your right. The internal door to the clinic can be pushed open. Please only come into the clinic if you have an appointment.

Our aim is to have one patient in Reception at any one time. We have structured the appointment system to facilitate this and would ask that you come alone to the clinic and not more than 5 minutes before your appointment. If it is not possible to come alone please call us to discuss this.

In the event that 2 patients are in Reception at any one time the chairs are 2m apart and we would ask you to maintain this distance.

The Receptionist will ask you to go into the Treatment Room and take a seat on the chair which has been placed with a 2m distance from the Osteopath. There you can discuss your symptoms. Before treatment begins both you and the Osteopath will put on a mask and the Osteopath will be wearing a single use apron and gloves. There will be no linen on the plinth and the pillowcase will be plastic. Both will be cleaned between each patient, as will the treatment room generally.

There will be a Perspex screen between you and the Receptionist with access to the card machine. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash so all payments will have to be made by card. Ideally you could use contactless payment but if not rest assured that the card machine will be cleaned after each use.

Any further appointments can be made at this point.

If you visit the bathroom we would appreciate it if you would clean the toilet before and after with the gloves and cleaning materials which have been made available.

In addition to the measures described above, the clinic will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.

Please feel free to raise any queries with us or if you prefer there is a suggestion box in the porch.